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Everything You Need to Know About 3-D Trials

The following is a brief history of 3D TRIALS

3D trials started as an idea that was brought up at a camp out and informal ride at Oneonta. It seems that the talk was about how much fun everyone had riding that day and the thought was that there should be room for a club with the emphasis on fun and good hearted competition.

The next spring we scheduled our first meeting to throw this idea around and see what we could come up with. The result was what is now 3-D trials. We have tried to keep rules to a minimum.

1 Must wear a helmet whenever you are riding

2 must sign the liability waver

3 As far as scoring we are using the 1 2 3 5 method and use whatever the current NATC Rules are. We have no time limit while in the sections and out of bounds are basically considered to be the intent of the section builder.

4 Events start at 11:00 am and there is no set finish time limit, although it is possible to miss the awards and find everyone else has gone home.

We have a 8 event schedule which consists of 5 regular Sunday events 1 two day. (the 3D picnic) , Chuck's innovative SCOTTISH TRIAL, and Mike's popular BRITISH TRIAL

Following are answers to some questions that may come to mind.

Q How many works do I have to do?

In short you work every event. At 3-D we do not have checkers. On the first loop we all ride as a group and check each other this gives every one the chance to ask the Sheriff or his deputy any questions regarding his or her line in the sections. On the subsequent loops we ride in small groups of 2 to 6 and take turns checking and riding.

Q who does the score keeping

Everyone who rides is responsible for filling out and adding up their scores. At the end of the event the sheriff or his appointee will check the addition and determine the results. anyone with math errors will get his or her name in print in the next newsletter.

Q what is this Sheriff stuff about?

The Sheriff is the organizer of the event. At 3-D we do not ride in any of the sections before an event. that way the sheriff may ride in his or her own event.

Q what classes are there?

We currently have rooky, vintage, novice, intermediate and expert lines in the sections. Vintage rides rookie line and advanced rides some intermediate and some expert lines.


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