Well the first event of 2019 is behind us so I guess it is about time I bring everyone up to date on the going on's of 3D Trials

Lets start with the annual meeting that took place back in January.

The following people were in attendance. Me, Jim Sharer, Bob Sharer, Bob Forringer, Gary Zoller, Al Williams, Dave Peterson, Frank and Gloria Maynard, Ian Maynard, Brandon Maynard.

We were however missing the Millers, Jim Reilly, and Mr Deangelo

It was decided that we will keep the entry fee at $20.00 per event . There is no Club membership fee . So effectively you are a club member for the day of the event.

It appears to me that those of us who make the club happen are doing so on a volunteer basis.

We are maintaining the traditional 1,2,3,5 scoring with stop and hop allowed.

The section markers will continue to be the green (novice) Blue (intermediate) and red (expert) gates with ribbon perimeter. Riders must ride their markers only. Rideing through any other class markers results in a 5.

I will continue with the Bootleg Shirt raffle at awards (HO HO Handout) after each event. Anyone who deposits their loop score in the loop 1 slot is automatically entered. Land owners are also automatically entered. Anyone else can deposit $5.00 and a loop card with their name on it. You must be present to win.

We also discussed low rider turnout. I pointed out that we do not do much to advertise our club. I am resurrecting a old schedule poster that Bob Forringer made years ago so we can post them in appropriate places. (IE Motorcycle Shops) Some spectators eventually become riders.

I will bring some to the next event and post one on this site. Hopefully they will print out .


First off it was announced that Chucky (the unlucky one ) will no longer be doing the newsletter or attending events.Hopefully he will show up as a spectator in the future.

I will be posting club news under the NEWS section.

By My count there were 19 riders who drove thru the rain storms that surrounded but seemed to miss Munnsville.

There was a mix of us regulars with some old faces along with some new to 3D riders. The Millers having sold their modern motorcycles before their replacements arrived brought out their home built ( to Twin shock air cooled specs) and rode them in the advanced class.

The day turned out to be one of the few HOT days so far this season. Dave, Pinky,Brandon and Bob set out a variety of sections with a new hill climb area which I as a novice rider found quite enjoyable.

The Novice lines were all very rideable with intermediate , advanced, and expert somewhat challenging.

As always thanks to Landowners Ron and Sonny for having us.

Up Next is Cherry Valley. Jim and Bob have stated that it will NOT!! be a massacre this year and that camping will be both available and encouraged